Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wood Pallet Painting With DecoArt Patio Paint

I thought I would share a fun project that is really easy.  My husband had this wood pallet hanging around and I asked him if he needed it…"no he said"… Well of course I had already been thinking what fun it would be to transform this wooden pallet into something cool.  I started painting it and thinking about flowers, then I started splashing paint all over it and thought maybe I wanted to do something more to do with the beach. I decided to just get the black paint and a small brush and start drawing, and these three beach castles/cabanas appeared.  I thought how fun, so then I had to add the water and the little fish, and of course an octopus (my fav)… No Mermaid on this one but you never know… I have really been in a mermaid mood lately and have so many ideas it's just crazy.  But for now I really am loving this very child like playful painting.  I'm hoping my grandkids will get a kick out of it too. 

I used all DecoArt Patio Paint, and will be coating this with a protective sealer, I just haven't decided yet what I will use. I expect it will probably stay outside by the pool or maybe outside my studio door.  I was thinking I could use it to hang my papers to dry or put legs on it and make a table?

Well, what ever I decide to do with it I will keep you updated… It's always fun to share and inspire others and I hope you will do the same… 

This is a fun feel good project that doesn't really required much thought, just free your imagination like when you were a child, and go for it… 

Happy Creating… Love to you! 

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