Thursday, April 28, 2016

Making A Plain Box Pretty… Are You Creating Enough?

Hello Friends, I hope you are having a wonderful creative day… Well you know, I live by the ocean and I am enjoying every minute of it here.  My inspiration comes a lot from the sea and the magical & whimsical… I enjoy lots of color and most of all I enjoy sharing.  I hope this little tutorial sparks inspiration and moves your creative soul to change something and make it pretty. 
Now this is a cheese box and I'm thinking this was not ever meant to paint a picture on, right? Well, that's the most fun and where I get most of my kicks.  Seeing a plain wooden box, or anything that just sits there without color, go from ordinary to a piece of artwork is just so inspiring to me, my heart starts to jump for joy when I see the transformation start to happen…  I would love you to Challenge yourself to make something plain into something colorful and inspiring… 
I try to add a lot of color and whimsy in my life to bring out my true spirit, which I think is very colorful and needs to be free and create most of my waking hours.  If I'm not physically creating something I am mentally creating all the time.  There is always something that can inspire me in an instant, and bring me into dream land where I imagine what I will create next or add to my list, which I have an ongoing one in my head and in my daily journal…
Well, enough of me… I would like to hear from you and what inspires you and if you create enough.  What I mean by that is…Are you taking enough time in your life to create? Ask yourself that question and see what your answer is, because only you can change that.  If you're not creating enough then start right now, even if it means taking a little journal to work or when you're having a morning coffee, start sketching or playing with color.  Get yourself a coloring book if don't think you can draw, (which I think every one can, but that's ok if you think you can't), and crayons and go for it at lunch time, or sitting in a doctors office, or where ever you find yourself during the day.  Don't let time pass you by without creating or playing with color.

Here are some pictures of the cheese box from start to finish and then there is the video… 
I had purchased two of them at an auction in Raleigh NC for $12 and just used this one as a ribbon keeper, but always thinking I would do something fun with it eventually, so now I have… Enjoy my friends… 💜💜💜
I hope love surrounds you always… XO

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