Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Class Schedule

Classes will start in January for Polymer Clay Tile 101. 

Saturday/January - 14th 10am - 1pm  - 2pm - 5pm

Monday/January - 16th  10am - 1pm

Tuesday/January - 17th 10am - 1pm or 6pm - 9pm

Each class will be 3 hours and will give us more than enough time to make, bake, and embellish your tiles.  We will make enough tiles for you to use in the assembling class. All materials are included, but if you would like to bring a personal memento that you would like to incorporate into your tiles then please feel free to bring them. This class is lots of fun for all, you will learn something that will be easy to do on your own in the future.  I will also have a guide paperwork for you to take home. The guide will go over everything you learned in class and also what products to use.

At this class you will also pick from a box, wall hanging, picture frame, etc. for you to assemble in the next class.  I will have these projects available for you to choose from at the Polymer Clay Tile 101 class.

Assembling Class Schedule

Wed./Thursday/January - 18th & 19th - 6pm - 9pm

Saturday/January - 21rst 10am - 1pm  - 2pm -5pm

Each Assembling Class will last 3 hours and will give you more than enough time to paint & assemble your chosen project.  We will be painting our projects and embellishing them with the tiles, beads, etc. This is a fun class, and you will be able to make a special gift for you or for someone you love.

Each Class is $65.00, you can sign up at our store, or on my blog through pay pal.  If you sign up on  my blog, please let me now what days you are signing up for. Pay Pal is on the side bar.

We will have some products available for you to purchase in our store, and I will give you all the information for purchasing the products that we will be using in class.

*If you have a group of 5 or more friends you can choose a special day and time.  Also, if you would like to hold a space for a special occasion for a group, we would be more than happy to accommodate you.  Please just call me or email me with the info.  919-906-7687/gypsy4designs@yahoo.com.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I am so excited my work has been published in Cloth Paper Scissors...  All of you who are mixed media artists know how wonderful this magazine is.  The house I posted in a previous post won the contest, but now it has been published in the November/December issue.  There are so many beautiful ones it must of been hard for them to pick.  This was my first contest and what a great surprise to actually get picked to be published.  If you get this magazine please look on page 76, you will see my house there.  Second row from bottom, first on the left. There are lots of other great things to try in this issue too.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arts For Life

Hi Everyone,

 Our "Gift of Art" calendars are here!

A collaboration between CMMAG and Arts for Life, Durham, it features joyful, colorful artwork created by the program's critically ill children at Duke Children's Hospital.

Please everyone try and find it in your hearts to buy one of these most special calendars. 

If you click on the picture on the right hand top of my side bar, it will link you to the *Arts For Life* home page, and there you can read all about these wonderful children and their stories.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help some of our most prized possessions... Our children who need us the most.

The "Gift of Art"  Calenders are $20 ea.  There is no tax.  I will have some to sell but if you would like to purchase online please use the link below.

The link below will bring you to the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild's page where you can purchase these calenders online.

Thank you so much  for your help.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Divine Inspiration

 Here are two of my new Mosaics that I have been working on.  They have a lot of Religious Icons embedded in the tiles.  The focal points in each center is the Virgin Mother and then various other religious icons through out.  One is with a gold frame and the other silver. 

I got them ready just in time for our First Friday Event downtown Raleigh, with the help from my friend, Jennifer, who so graciously offered her supply of Diamond Glaze to me.  I ran out just as I was to finish the grout beads in one small section.  She saved the day!

Jennifer will be bringing her lovely Photo Jewelry to my store on First Friday!  She makes the most lovely pieces, and I will update with her pictures after our event.

I hope you enjoy them, and they are now hanging in my store.

Divine Inspiration... 

Sacred Heart
Heavenly Mother

Monday, October 17, 2011

Porch Sale In The Barn

We had a great time, and made some really wonderful new friends.  The weather was fantastic, and the customers were plenty.   Hope you all can make it next year. 

Lisa's Barn...  The Little Herb House.

Very Original Cards
Here are some pictures of Jennifer's Jewelry from,
spinning_stars4u@yahoo.com.  Absolutely dynamite!
Can you believe it... This jewelry is made out of photos and mirrors. 
Jennifer's Lovely Jewelry

Quilts & Other Things

Joyce's Lovely Quilt

Joyce, Tess & Sheree

My New Friends fromMarcella's Attic

Lovely things from Marcella's Attic
 Marcella's Attic
Handmade Gifts

Gypsy 4 Designs 

Sharon... The lady who started it all.

       Lone Star Mercantile/American Antiques
Rustic, Primitive, American Homestead, and just wonderful things.  They are located at 1025 Blueridge Rd. Raleigh. Please check out their website because they have tons of great things.
 Their website is: www.lonestarmecantile.blogspot.com

Lone Star Mercantile
Lone Star Mercantile

My favorite shopper!

My helpers, Holly & Mackenzie.  Daughter & Granddaughter.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Witch Hat Fun!!!

I got these great ideas for some really cute witch hats, and I wanted to share with you all.  If you are interested in making anything like this, go to the Bloggerette Sorority link on my side bar.  This was in one of their email posts, with the directions.  Very fun and easy to make she even gives you the info on where to buy the hat forms.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures of New Shop/Studio

Finally got some pictures of my new Store/Studio.  We are still in the process of adding inventory, but I thought I would post these for starters.  If anyone is interested in placing artwork in our store please let me know.  We have a few spots left.  The more the merrier! 

Here is a link to the Carter Building Alliance.      www.cbaraleigh.com

You can take a look at all the artist in the building.  I know they are updating the website this week because we have had a few new artists join, and they are also getting ready for the big event this Friday.
Hope to see some of you there.  The info is on the side bar.  First Friday Carter Building. 

Please come down and take a look.  14 Glenwood Ave.  My pictures are not the best but hopefully you can get some idea of what the store is starting to look like.   

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My New Studio/Store

It has been awhile since my last posting, but some very exciting things have been happening.  I have been crazy busy getting things together, and finally getting into my new studio. It is going to be great to have an actual physical store to sell my art, and have a studio attached.  It's down town in The Carter Building located on Hillsborough & Glenwood Ave.  Great location if any of you artists are interested in renting a studio, there are a few left.  The whole building is mostly artists of some kind, and it is like a family. 

We will be having a big event on October 7th for First Friday which is held downtown Raleigh every month and The Carter Building of Artists holds its own.  This month will be a bigger event with food, beer tasting and music at The Carter Building.  It will be a great opportunity for all to come down and visit the artists in their studios and view their work.  I have the event listed on the side bar of this blog. 

My store should be ready by October 1rst.  My studio partner and I have already moved into the studio part, but we are still setting up the retail shop.  We will start having sign up for classes after October 1rst.  There will be lots of really cool classes available, from the different artists in the building.

I will post some pictures as we get things completed. 

Hope to see some of you down there, this will be a fun event.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My First

This is my first time using a character design stamp with my polymer clay.  Great to work with.  The face, body, dream, and crown are made from stamping the polymer clay and then painting. The arms & legs are just stamped on paper and then added. Everything else is paper, lace trim, beads and stuff.  I just wanted her to stand out.

I put a link on the sidebar for the Character Stamp Shop that I got the character stamps from.  She has lots of great stuff. 
Let me know what you think of my new piece.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fairy Heart Logo Tag

This is my Fairy Heart Logo Tag for Gypsy 4 Designs.  I am now selling them in my Etsy Shop.  All net proceeds from the sale of these tags will go to the Duke Children's Hospital.  All the tags come with one of three heart quotes on the back side.   You can choose which one you like.  You can use them to embellish a gift or as a book mark, even for us art journalists to add to our journals.  She is a sweet little fairy who is holding her heart in her hands for all to see. 

If you happen to be in the Raleigh area, you won't have to pay for shipping if you are close enough to pick up.  I will credit you back shipping cost through Paypal. 

I will feature more items with this Fairy Heart Logo, and anything I make with this Fairy Heart Logo on it, will have all profits going to the Duke Children's Hospital.  I am in the process of making a few more and can't wait to show you. 

If you are interested, there is a link to my shop on the side bar of this blog.  Just click on the fairy, and a way you will go.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Winner in the CPS "Home Sweet Home Challenge"!

I won the Cloth Paper Scissors challenge, and I am so excited!!!   Yeah!  My little Tavern won!

This was great fun, and I will let everyone know when my house gets published in the magazine.  I will be buying up a lot of them.

Thanks for checking my little house out.   If you would like to check out all the houses that were entered in the challenge, please go to the website link below, then click on Galleries and then Clothe Paper Scissors Challenges.  They are all adorable, and I am not the only winner there are several of us.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here is a wonderful art project I did with my 4 year old Granddaughter, Mackenzie.  She wants to be an artist when she grows up... Isn't that just Fabulous!  Grandma is very excited about this, and grandma also knows that artists never grow up.

Here are the lovely pictures...  

We started with stamps, then Mackenzie colored the flowers with colored pencils... She even stayed in the lines, amazing for a 4 year old.  Then we put glue, and she sprinkled colored glitter over her flowers, butterflies and sun.  You can see the rainbow she added in the corner. 

Mackenzie loves spending time with me in my studio, she is an amazing 4 year old, and will be a great artist one day.  Keep your eyes & ears out for Miss Mackenzie. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Challenge


I have been creating a house for the Cloth Paper Scissors Art Challenge " Home Sweet Home", and I finally got done today.  We got a pattern to use for the size, and it's not to weigh more the 1/2 lb.  But other than that you could be as creative as you like. 

My inspiration came from my love of Old English Pubs.  So I thought every neighborhood needs a meeting place, and a tavern, with a medieval look to it, seemed like the right kind of house for all to enjoy.

This was a great challenge... Lots of Fun!

"The Rose & Bead" 

Please let me know what you think. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Digital Mixed Media Art

If you are interested in Digital Art Work, here is a book for you!  "Digital Art Wonderland" by Angi Sullin & Silas Toball.  

It is a fantastic workshop to create the most amazing artwork on your computer, if you already have Adobe Photo Shop then your set.  
Where Woman Create (Link on Sidebar)  featured her in their last magazine and I was very impressed so I ordered her book and am even more impressed with this artist.  She has an amazing story that you can read in her featured spot in WWC.  Enjoy!

The Corset

Here is a picture of a corset I am working on for my mannequin.  She will be my traveling inspiration and join me when I am showing, I just hope I can get her done in time...  Let me know what you think...

I have a link attached if you would like to watch a video on the history of corsets.  Nice vintage pictures that I think you will enjoy.  


Friday, June 17, 2011

Art Journal

Front Cover

Back Cover
My art journal that I was inspired to start after going to the CMMAG meeting last week.  I have the front & back covers almost done, but I think more embellishments (charms & jewels) are needed.  Let me know what You think... 

My Studio

Solder Station and I cut glass here.

My sitting work table area

One of my work tables

Here are some pictures of my little studio. It gets very messy sometimes and I just have to stop and take the time to organize and clean up.  When I get going on an idea and the creativity is flowing I just can't stop to straighten up, I have to keep going until I get it done.  But it's great when it's all nice and clean and I can start on a new project.  I wish I had a little fairy who would come and clean up after me at night, wouldn't we all... Yes, and a large studio with expansive views out the very large picture windows, that bring in wonderful light and of course somewhere by the ocean.  Not asking for much am I..

Thursday, June 16, 2011


   I was really inspired to get started on an Art Journal when I went to a Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild meeting the other night.  These ladies are great ,and do amazing artwork.  They love to journal too, and make lovely looking ones.  So I have started one of my own, and I am looking forward to sharing.  

You can look these books up on borders and they let you preview online.  Also, if you have your 40% coupons, and upgrade to the free shipping these books are a lot more affordable. You can use multiple coupons at borders, so if you have borders bucks you can use them too.  

Linda Blinn's Family Journals is one that is great inspiration.
Simple Soldered Jewelry by Lisa Bluhm.   She also has a great shop to buy things for your soldering needs.  If anyone loves to solder this is a great book, and is also a good basic book for those who want to start.

Crazy About Auctions!!

Very Old Trunk

Don't know yet?

This may become a Fairy Cage?
I have been going to these wonderful auctions in Raleigh...  They are just lots of fun, and you can get the most wonderful stuff there.  I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I don't expect everyone to think this stuff is wonderful but there are so many artful transformations I can make to all this stuff...  Here are some things that I just picked up last night.  I will post the link to Raleigh Auction so you can take a look, and maybe I will see you there. 

We also got a 1935 Singer Sewing Machine that I will post after I get it cleaned up.  Raleigh Auction

New Art Work

Here is a piece I have just finished. This is made from Wood, My Graphic Design that I transferred onto the wood, Polymer Clay pieces, Paint & lots of embellishments that I just love to add to my work, as you can see on all my pieces.  Please let me know what you think of this piece.  The stand that it's on is one that I got at an auction.  It's a lovely antique picture stand that I just had to have.  This one is called Look Seek Behold and the capsule in the center holds a bit of a music sheet.