Thursday, June 16, 2011


   I was really inspired to get started on an Art Journal when I went to a Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild meeting the other night.  These ladies are great ,and do amazing artwork.  They love to journal too, and make lovely looking ones.  So I have started one of my own, and I am looking forward to sharing.  

You can look these books up on borders and they let you preview online.  Also, if you have your 40% coupons, and upgrade to the free shipping these books are a lot more affordable. You can use multiple coupons at borders, so if you have borders bucks you can use them too.  

Linda Blinn's Family Journals is one that is great inspiration.
Simple Soldered Jewelry by Lisa Bluhm.   She also has a great shop to buy things for your soldering needs.  If anyone loves to solder this is a great book, and is also a good basic book for those who want to start.


  1. Aww - thanks for the kind words about our group! We are happy to have you, and hope that you find many things to enjoy in your membership.

  2. What Penny said! It was great to meet you, and we're looking forward to seeing your work 'up close and personal' at a meeting sometime soon. July, maybe? See you on the 14th!