Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some New Art

Here are 2 new doodaly pictures, and a new polymer clay heart.

I used water color pencils, pens, acrylic paints, all kinds of markers and pens, puffy paint and then I added some other elements for more fun... What fun I had!  Doodling in your pictures is just a very relaxing process to mixed media art work.  
I have been writing some poetry lately and am trying to incorporate it in my artwork... A very creative and soulful addition to some of my work that I really didn't know about.  It kind of came as a surprise to me one day when I got this sudden urge to write poetry.  When I looked up from my paper I sat for a while in amazement... because I really couldn't believe that I had that much to say until I was actually looking at it all on paper.  I think we all have lots to say and express, but we keep it hidden most of the time because we don't really think that it may be meaningful to others... But now I know it really doesn't matter what others think... maybe some will get the meaning and the feeling behind your thoughts and writings and then others won't... and that's ok.  It's fun either way...  

The polymer clay heart is for my daughter Jillian who gave birth to my newest granddaughter almost a year ago. I like to give my daughters gifts from my heart when they bless me with another grandchild. This one is about wishing for two lovely children and then getting what you wish for.   The song from Disney came to mind "When You Wish Upon A Star"
I put the two stars on the front with the heart and then inside there are pictures of her son and daughter collaged and diamond glazed for that shinny effect.  She also loves the ocean so I just had to put a beautiful sea shell on top.