Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gifts From The Heart - Feeling Blessed & Loved

Hello Friends!
You know there are some people in your life that absolutely rock your world. These people should be loved and held tightly for ever in your heart. They are the kinds of souls that will shine their beautiful light on you and guide you through the rough times and celebrate the good times with you. There is never any competitiveness or jealousy felt from them, they are truly honest souls with only love in their hearts. 
This is the way I feel about this wonderful friend of mine. I just had to share her gifts to me even though she would like to stay anonymous this person means a great deal to me and i need to show her how much I appreciate her in my life. 
Thank you my friends for being here with me and blessing me with your love and friendships. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Journal Play Thursday - Mixed Media - July 21

Here we go again friends!
 I hope you enjoy another Journal Play Thursday with me… Thank you for watching and I do appreciate your comments… Love to you! ❤️

Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Goddess - Mixed Media

 Happy Summer Goddess Class! 
August Patreon Exclusive Rewards… 
If you want personalized rewards and to be apart of my dreams please check out my Patreon Page. 
Thank you my friends… 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Fabric Painting with DecoArt SoSoft Paint - Cell Phone Pouches

Hello Friends! 
I thought I would share a fun little project you can do to protect your cell phones. Quick and easy and you will have the cutest little pouch to show off. I hope you enjoy… 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mixed Media Journaling - The Gypsy & The Witch - Summer Solstice

My Newest Release for The Gypsy & The Witch!  I hope I can inspire you to create a summer project using bright and summery colors… Enjoy, and let me know if you enjoyed the video and my art… Thank you!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pillowcase Smock For Kids - DecoArt Fabric Paints

Hello Friends!
I just thought I would share with you a little story and really cute idea.  My youngest granddaughter Sophia (4years old)  was here visiting last weekend and she decided she wanted to paint in my studio again.  We had been painting sea shells, and she wanted to add more color to them. Well,  she had her pretty clothes on and my daughter and her husband had gone out to the store for something. My husband and I had her change her pretty shirt to another shirt because we didn't want her fancy clothes to get paint on them.  
 My husband came up with this great idea to cut an old pillow case and make a little smock for her…she was appalled by it and said, " NO, NO, NO", she would not wear it.  Now I have aprons down in my studio that the kids can wear,  so I told her that's ok we will use the apron again.  While we were down in the studio painting she was thinking about the pillow case smock her papa made her and she changed her mind and decided that she wanted to wear it, so I went up and got it for her and she wore it for hours.  This was just a plain white pillow case when she wore it… I think because her papa made it for her she was really loving it, and it didn't matter what it looked like.  My husband was so happy and so was she. 
After they left to go back home to NC, I was looking at the pillow case smock and decided to wash it and paint it for her, and this is what I have done with it so far. 
I used all DecoArt Fabric Paint and I think it came out quite cute and I'm sure she will love it and wear it all the time when she is creating in grandma's studio. What a fantastic idea my husband came up with, and he really thought quickly of what he could do…I was very impressed.  lol  So if you have little ones and old pillow cases this is a really cool idea and lots of fun to make.  You can customize it to the child, with all their favorite colors and anything they like.  They can even do the painting themselves and what fun for all. 
I'm thinking maybe I will sew the cut edges or paint them so they don't unravel, but maybe not I kind of like the shabby look of it for now. I think I will be making a few more for the other grands when they come visit. This was truly lots of fun, and I hope you enjoyed this. 

I don't know if this is an original idea but it was for us.  
Love to you all! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Making A Plain Box Pretty… Are You Creating Enough?

Hello Friends, I hope you are having a wonderful creative day… Well you know, I live by the ocean and I am enjoying every minute of it here.  My inspiration comes a lot from the sea and the magical & whimsical… I enjoy lots of color and most of all I enjoy sharing.  I hope this little tutorial sparks inspiration and moves your creative soul to change something and make it pretty. 
Now this is a cheese box and I'm thinking this was not ever meant to paint a picture on, right? Well, that's the most fun and where I get most of my kicks.  Seeing a plain wooden box, or anything that just sits there without color, go from ordinary to a piece of artwork is just so inspiring to me, my heart starts to jump for joy when I see the transformation start to happen…  I would love you to Challenge yourself to make something plain into something colorful and inspiring… 
I try to add a lot of color and whimsy in my life to bring out my true spirit, which I think is very colorful and needs to be free and create most of my waking hours.  If I'm not physically creating something I am mentally creating all the time.  There is always something that can inspire me in an instant, and bring me into dream land where I imagine what I will create next or add to my list, which I have an ongoing one in my head and in my daily journal…
Well, enough of me… I would like to hear from you and what inspires you and if you create enough.  What I mean by that is…Are you taking enough time in your life to create? Ask yourself that question and see what your answer is, because only you can change that.  If you're not creating enough then start right now, even if it means taking a little journal to work or when you're having a morning coffee, start sketching or playing with color.  Get yourself a coloring book if don't think you can draw, (which I think every one can, but that's ok if you think you can't), and crayons and go for it at lunch time, or sitting in a doctors office, or where ever you find yourself during the day.  Don't let time pass you by without creating or playing with color.

Here are some pictures of the cheese box from start to finish and then there is the video… 
I had purchased two of them at an auction in Raleigh NC for $12 and just used this one as a ribbon keeper, but always thinking I would do something fun with it eventually, so now I have… Enjoy my friends… 💜💜💜
I hope love surrounds you always… XO

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mixed Media Tutorial - Hanging Gypsy Beach Houses

Hello Friends!
I would like to share with you a fun project that you can do with friends and family this summer. These are so easy to make and lots of fun too.  You don't need much, just polymer clay and any thing you have hanging around in your craft room, and of course your imagination.  This is a great way to use up some of your older supplies to make room for new goodies.  

The ones in my video are made with Polymer Clay, DecoArt Acrylic Paints, Beads, Wire, Fishing Line, and Viva Gold Accents. What I wanted to do was use up some of my older tiles I had made with polymer clay and use up the last of my white clay so I can now go buy more… I had a little bit left from other projects and I really needed to use it up before it dried up. 

I hope I can inspire you to make these with friends, and I know the kiddies will enjoy this too.
If you have a little house cookie cutter you could use that too so the kids don't have to mess around with sharp blades, or you can cut them out and bake them and have the houses ready to decorate.  The fun is in the decorating anyway and there are so many cool things they can do with these.  My next little houses will be collaged with fun papers and some of my artwork.  How does that sound?
 I would love for you to make some of these and share yours with me… I always enjoy seeing your art and sharing with you.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Get Ready For My Summer Workshops Sale

Hello Friends!  
Here is my get ready for "Summer Workshop Sale" with some fun inexpensive workshops… I love the beautiful weather and what better way to celebrate this.  I'm so excited about creating in the beautiful weather down by the sea here in Florida.  My creativity soars and I love sharing my art with you, so I wanted to make it more affordable for you to join me in my workshops this summer.  Let's spend the summer together… it will be like having private play dates. All of my workshops are forever and downloadable, so you can create at your own pace.  You can watch them on your phone, pad or computer, etc.  

I have lowered all my workshop prices for you… there are 4 full workshops ( Whimsical Animals, The Gypsy Pirate, Summer Time Fun and The Owl & The Gypsy), for just $19.99 and 2 free workshops (Shade Hangers & No Boundaries), plus I have lowered the prices on my "Come Play With Me" year long journaling workshop, and "My Lovely Faces" workshop, and don't forget my "Memory Journaling Workshop" for only $10.00. They are all fun, and full workshops with me. 

I hope you will come and join me this summer for a fun filled creative journey. Take a little journey over to my school Rita Marie Art and check out each workshop there. I have a little intro for each so you can see a bit about what we will be creating together.  Life is too short not to live your artist dream, we all are artists in our souls, we just need to be inspired and I truly believe I can help you find your creative soul… Love to you! xo 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wood Pallet Painting With DecoArt Patio Paint

I thought I would share a fun project that is really easy.  My husband had this wood pallet hanging around and I asked him if he needed it…"no he said"… Well of course I had already been thinking what fun it would be to transform this wooden pallet into something cool.  I started painting it and thinking about flowers, then I started splashing paint all over it and thought maybe I wanted to do something more to do with the beach. I decided to just get the black paint and a small brush and start drawing, and these three beach castles/cabanas appeared.  I thought how fun, so then I had to add the water and the little fish, and of course an octopus (my fav)… No Mermaid on this one but you never know… I have really been in a mermaid mood lately and have so many ideas it's just crazy.  But for now I really am loving this very child like playful painting.  I'm hoping my grandkids will get a kick out of it too. 

I used all DecoArt Patio Paint, and will be coating this with a protective sealer, I just haven't decided yet what I will use. I expect it will probably stay outside by the pool or maybe outside my studio door.  I was thinking I could use it to hang my papers to dry or put legs on it and make a table?

Well, what ever I decide to do with it I will keep you updated… It's always fun to share and inspire others and I hope you will do the same… 

This is a fun feel good project that doesn't really required much thought, just free your imagination like when you were a child, and go for it… 

Happy Creating… Love to you! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Mixed Media Cork Board & Bread Box Transformations

If you have an old cork, chalk or white board that needs a lift here is a fun little video to inspire you with colors… The bread box is totally cool too…

This was such a fun project and you can use what up have on hand… I used all DecoArt/Americana Paints and Stencils… This is a great way to take something that is just so drab and make it lovely and also functional for your studio…  I hope you find some inspiration in these projects, 
Keep creating and inspiring others… xo 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mixed Media Glass Crown by Rita Marie

I have been playing with glass again, so this time I thought I would make a little glass crown to share with you all, and since I live at the beach I guess I was inspired to make a Mermaid Crown. Who doesn't love a Mermaid…

 I think this crown is for a Little Mermaid Princess.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello Friends!  
I know lots of us are anticipating the Springtime, and it's bountifulness and beauty… To celebrate this wonderful season I am starting early and offering a 15% Discount on my "Come Play With Me Workshop"… This is a year long journaling adventure with me. Please read the testimonials, and I hope you will come and join me… 
I love color all year round I am always exploring color and mediums to use in my projects. My inspiration for art will inspire you to create beautiful works of art that you never thought you could.  My workshops are not rehearsed, so they are all spontaneous fun and very light hearted.  No stress here, I want you to explore your inner creative soul and feel free to be you at all times. 
Love to you all… 

Coupon Code  "SPRINGME"

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bohemian Dreamer - Rita Marie

Bohemian Dreamer - Rita Marie

Hello Wonderful Creative Friends! 
Come and join me on a new adventure in my new class for 2016… We will make this beautiful painting together… Easy and fun,  We will paint, learn how to burn wood, use inks in fun ways, and just have a great experience together… My workshops are not rehearsed so we go on the adventure together and it's purely soul searching and fun… Creating art is the best way to feel good about life and release all your inner fears, and dreams… Don't think you can't create beautiful paintings, because we all can, it just takes practice and guidance with lots of fun thrown in the mix.  
Taking an online course gives you the flexibility to create at your own pace and stay right in your home. I have a Facebook group for all my student artists to enjoy and share positive posts… You can show off your work and get inspiration from others… This is totally optional…I just invite you but you don't have to join… I hope you will come and take this fun class with me and create something beautiful from your heart… Love to you… 

Check out the link above for more information regarding this fun class… 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Inspirational Doors

Hello Friends!
I have been working on my new studio and trying to bring some color and whimsy to the room... Its very small and filled to the brim with my art supplies. Besides hanging my paintings for color, I wanted the doors in this room to bring me some visual pleasure. Having 3 doors in this little room can be very over whelming.  As I was thinking of how to decorate my space I had to come up with an idea for these doors to make them look more like artwork and not like simple plain doors.  I thought if I think of them as large canvases and create art on each one representing different parts of my personality, then when I look at them I will see my creative soul and not 3 plain doors... 
Both of the doors you will see are the new doors added to the room. 

The whole room including the three doors where painted silver as a base. 
The first will represent my gypsy spirit, the second one is on its way to represent my love of color, and how I see my world in many bright colors.  I haven't gotten to the third door yet, but I can feel my artistic soul tugging and offering up inspiration.  For now I will show you the first two, as they are still a work in progress, I thought I would share what I have done so far.  
The one which is my gypsy soul is behind me when I am on the computer and will show up in all my face to face videos, the other one is in front of me so I can look at all the colors to brighten up my days,  especially when it's raining and dreary out.  I love the sunshine and I truly get a lot of my inspiration from bright sunny days...when my creativity runs free. 
If you haven't seen my Vlog on the subject of my studio please check it out.  Lots of before and after videos of my new space.  It's truly an amazing transformation, and brings me absolute joy.
I hope you enjoy these pictures and I will be posting more as I progress.
They may never be finished completely but at least I am having fun... I hope I can inspire you to do the same... Love to you!  

The green is sample paint from BEHR, and then I used all DecoArt Paints and stencils.

Lots of gold on this door... I love gold paint it sparkles in the light.

Gold Hearts & Crowns

I have a video on how I made her out of polymer clay 

My Gypsy is on the door!!!!  So Love her! 

I am just having fun and putting absolutely NO pressure on myself.  I have never painted on a door in this way before,  and I gotta say this is really fun.  :)

This is the biggest canvas I have every painted on... lol  FUN! 

The beginning of a girl, you know I love to paint girls... 
Add caption
I am using DecoArt Paints on her. 

I still have a lot more to do to her.  
Started doing some designs at the top portion of the door...