Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pillowcase Smock For Kids - DecoArt Fabric Paints

Hello Friends!
I just thought I would share with you a little story and really cute idea.  My youngest granddaughter Sophia (4years old)  was here visiting last weekend and she decided she wanted to paint in my studio again.  We had been painting sea shells, and she wanted to add more color to them. Well,  she had her pretty clothes on and my daughter and her husband had gone out to the store for something. My husband and I had her change her pretty shirt to another shirt because we didn't want her fancy clothes to get paint on them.  
 My husband came up with this great idea to cut an old pillow case and make a little smock for her…she was appalled by it and said, " NO, NO, NO", she would not wear it.  Now I have aprons down in my studio that the kids can wear,  so I told her that's ok we will use the apron again.  While we were down in the studio painting she was thinking about the pillow case smock her papa made her and she changed her mind and decided that she wanted to wear it, so I went up and got it for her and she wore it for hours.  This was just a plain white pillow case when she wore it… I think because her papa made it for her she was really loving it, and it didn't matter what it looked like.  My husband was so happy and so was she. 
After they left to go back home to NC, I was looking at the pillow case smock and decided to wash it and paint it for her, and this is what I have done with it so far. 
I used all DecoArt Fabric Paint and I think it came out quite cute and I'm sure she will love it and wear it all the time when she is creating in grandma's studio. What a fantastic idea my husband came up with, and he really thought quickly of what he could do…I was very impressed.  lol  So if you have little ones and old pillow cases this is a really cool idea and lots of fun to make.  You can customize it to the child, with all their favorite colors and anything they like.  They can even do the painting themselves and what fun for all. 
I'm thinking maybe I will sew the cut edges or paint them so they don't unravel, but maybe not I kind of like the shabby look of it for now. I think I will be making a few more for the other grands when they come visit. This was truly lots of fun, and I hope you enjoyed this. 

I don't know if this is an original idea but it was for us.  
Love to you all!