Thursday, June 18, 2015

Come Play With Me!

Hi Friends!

If you want some more info check the full page out "Come Play With Me"  on this workshop.... This is going to be a blast of creative fun for us so I hope you will join me... 
Love & Hugs to you... 
Thank you! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Fun Haul & Vacation Video

This was such a fun haul for me, since I haven't been to Jerry's in so long.  It was great to go look and touch all the goodies we artists love so much.  The colors, the colors!  I just could stay there all day but that would cost too much... lol

I had so much fun in NC visiting my peeps and also spending a day with Susan at Lafayette Village in Raleigh...The stores there are amazing and really very inspiring.  The restaurants are luscious and the place looks fabulous.  I am sharing some of the stores I loved and would go back again and again to. I wish I could have taken you all along with me, but since I can't here is a little glimpse into my haul and my day with Susan... 
Love & Hugs to you all! 

The delicious restaurant we ate at was Simply Crepes. 

The wonderful eclectic store that Susan will be sharing her art work at is
Stuf N Such.  This store was absolute fun, so much eye candy and stuff I have not seen before. 

The Oxford Green was simply and utterly amazing, and I could have stayed there all day just in that one store.

The wonderful spice store, Oh what smells!  The Savory Spice Shop is the place you want to go if you are in Raleigh and need some great spices.  The selection is unbelievable and you can taste too. 

Now the Olive Wagon... You can taste the most delicious balsamic vinegars that you could ever taste in this one place.  I tried the Fig and it was superb, you can just sip them up without even putting them on a salad or cracker, they are wonderful all by themselves.  I love balsamic vinegar anyway but these are really outstanding. 

Now the Chocolate Boutique! Oh what can I was divine just to look and smell all the scrumptious goodies there.  They even do parties! Well, I would love a birthday party there... lol 

You will love all these stores and there is just so much more to this lovely place.  A very nice place to spend a day with some family or friends.  We had a blast and I will definitely go back next time I'm in Raleigh...