Thursday, October 17, 2013

Half of a Journal Page

This is half of a journal page, the other half is mostly writing and I really just wanted to share this half.  I did her with pastel pencils for the hair and colored pencils for the face.  I have never used pastel pencils before, don't know if I like them.  Probably need to use them more, they are really less chalky then the sticks and you can add more detail.  Well, I'm not really a chalk pastel user so I'm not a good one to really judge them.  I would like to try some Pan Pastels, they look yummy... Love that word! You can use it for a taste, and what ever else you want to.  It really explains a lot doesn't it?  You can almost taste it...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Resin Fun!

This is my first attempt at using Resin on my paintings.  I hope you can see the difference in the pictures because in person it's unbelievable how the colors just pop out at you after putting the resin over the painting.  This may be something I could get addicted to.

This is definitely a step I will add to my classes.  Really fun and very easy... I was so hesitant because I was afraid to make a mistake and ruin a picture.  But really if you scan your picture first, then at least you have that to make prints from.  I always scan my work if I can, and if not then take a good picture of it.

Here is the picture before and after.

This is the picture "Carmen"  BEFORE

I did this picture using water color crayons and Inks.  I wasn't sure if the ink would run, but it stayed in place.
There is a little glare from the light shining in from the window.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Life Journal!

This is my new journal...  All my daily thoughts will go into this new journal.  It's a very wonderful adventure creating a Life Journal... This is a place to write down your daily thoughts and put in some meaningful pictures.  Doesn't matter if you draw or just cut out of magazines.  I'm hoping to start a class for this type of journalling soon.  I have kept an art journal and a writing journal, but this is the first combined journal for me.  I'm hoping this will encourage me to write and draw something everyday. This is a very therapeutic and creative way to help yourself through your daily life, and I think better than paying for a therapist and much more rewarding in the end...

I'm showing the front and back covers and also my first entry.  I hope you enjoy looking through my pictures and please leave a comment.  It's helpful to get feedback and it is greatly appreciated...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday from the beach!   Have a wonderful day where ever you are...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial Look at the bright side

Mixed Media Art Journal Page #4

The Beach this morning was so beautiful, we found some pretty jellyfish and a lovely starfish in the sand. Still hot here, but the beach is nice with the breeze coming in. Nice and peaceful today, not many people hanging about, but I must say the tide was high.
My hubby hanging with me at the beach

Starfish in the sand

Sunrise this morning

Cool looking jellyfish 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Little Russian Snow Princess

image_1 by Gypsy4designs
image_1, a photo by Gypsy4designs on Flickr.
This is a Mixed Media done with scraps of paper, color pencils (which I'm still experimenting with) and paints. I also glazed the white paint over gesso and added glitter. I don't know if the glitter shows up well in the scanned copy. This was very fun picture to do, and as I drew this little girl she reminded me so much of my littlest granddaughter, who has a little button nose and lovely hazel eyes.