Monday, March 30, 2015

Burning Wood

Hi My Friends!

Here is a new short tutorial playing with wood, and burning pictures into it. This I must say was lots of fun and I do plan on using this technique again in more of my artwork.  This was basically my first time playing and I wanted to share with you my first time.   
I hope this tutorial inspires you to try something new.  If you have already done this please leave me a comment and let me know how your experience went with this technique...I would love to hear about it. Sharing is fun... Thank you for visiting me... xo

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Treasure Box For Sophia

Hi Friends!

Just a little bit of sharing today...

My granddaughter got a doll with a key and we couldn't find a keyhole anywhere that the key fit in, so we made a treasure box with a custom keyhole.  We used a Starbucks box that a lovely cup came in, a gift from my daughter.  First I took one of my doodle pictures and glued it to the top, added some pretty harlequin ribbon, pieces of other ribbons I had in my stash, and Sophia picked out a pretty seahorse, a flower and a heart with some pretty gems.  We used Washi tape around the borders and I used some little silver mounts for the legs.  I have so much stuff left over from when I made my tiled boxes, pictures and what ever, that I always have some cool stuff in my stash.

Well, she loves it and she now has a custom box for her treasures and the pretty gold key fits in the keyhole.  I'm so happy we made this together and now she will have something for ever to remember her vacation here with grandma and papa.

My grandson wants a custom Jar for his collection of seashells...when we get that done I will share.

                                                  Thank you for being here with me...xo

Art Day With My Sweet Grandchildren!

We had so much fun making art... Children are amazing, they know how to appreciate their own artwork without the cretic in the head popping up.  They're wonderful, and so much fun to create with. They are happy children just to be with their grandma, and grandma is so happy to be with them. 
Love & Kisses! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Collage & Sketch Fun!

Hi My Friends!

Here is a fun quick tutorial making a fun collage. This was lots of fun, and it was quick and easy to create...You can too.   I'm really liking her, and the colors are great for Springtime.  I hope I can inspire you to make some pretty girls.  Fun for all! 

Thank you for watching! Enjoy! xo

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mixed Media Play

Hello Friends!
I would like to share with you a short tutorial where I play with joint compound and water colors. This was a fun technique and something I did rather in reverse of what I usually do. My usual is texturizing the page first and then painting on it but by painting the picture first and then texturizing over it.  I've textured around a picture,  but never really right over a painting after I was done with it, so this was quite fun and I will probably do something like this again.  
I hope this little tutorial inspires you to try this technique out and have some fun with something different. Thank you so much for being here! xo

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hi Friends!
Here is another Challenge for the group over at The Mirror Crack'd. I am on the design team there and would like to share a little box I made out of polymer clay, and lots of fun stuff.  I also have a video for making these little boxes, if you would like to take a peek. Clay Tiles
The challenge this month is Wings, so get your wings on and head on over to The Mirror Crack'd and lets have some fun together.  I love adding wings to my artwork, you can never get enough of fantasy in your least that's my feeling on the subject.  :)
Thank you! xo

Sweet Luck Of The Irish

Hi Friends!
Here is a new quick little painting I did for the group Anything But A Card... The theme this month was Green With Envy.  My sweet little lass was don on water color paper with acrylics and water color pencils. If you would like to purchase the sketch for this sweetie head on over to my Etsy Shop that's where she is waiting for you to purchase and download, so you can create your own sweet little lass. This was a vey fun product and if you would like to join in on this challenge please head on over to our site Anything But A Card and join in on the fun.... Thank you! xo

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Sketch Release

Hi Friends! 
Here are our new sketches for March.  Susan and I have been so excited to get these out to you all.
We hope you enjoy, and head on over to our Etsy Shop to purchase yours and start having fun with us.  We can't wait to see you there. There is a short tutorial link below.
Love & Hugs...