Thursday, January 28, 2016

Inspirational Doors

Hello Friends!
I have been working on my new studio and trying to bring some color and whimsy to the room... Its very small and filled to the brim with my art supplies. Besides hanging my paintings for color, I wanted the doors in this room to bring me some visual pleasure. Having 3 doors in this little room can be very over whelming.  As I was thinking of how to decorate my space I had to come up with an idea for these doors to make them look more like artwork and not like simple plain doors.  I thought if I think of them as large canvases and create art on each one representing different parts of my personality, then when I look at them I will see my creative soul and not 3 plain doors... 
Both of the doors you will see are the new doors added to the room. 

The whole room including the three doors where painted silver as a base. 
The first will represent my gypsy spirit, the second one is on its way to represent my love of color, and how I see my world in many bright colors.  I haven't gotten to the third door yet, but I can feel my artistic soul tugging and offering up inspiration.  For now I will show you the first two, as they are still a work in progress, I thought I would share what I have done so far.  
The one which is my gypsy soul is behind me when I am on the computer and will show up in all my face to face videos, the other one is in front of me so I can look at all the colors to brighten up my days,  especially when it's raining and dreary out.  I love the sunshine and I truly get a lot of my inspiration from bright sunny days...when my creativity runs free. 
If you haven't seen my Vlog on the subject of my studio please check it out.  Lots of before and after videos of my new space.  It's truly an amazing transformation, and brings me absolute joy.
I hope you enjoy these pictures and I will be posting more as I progress.
They may never be finished completely but at least I am having fun... I hope I can inspire you to do the same... Love to you!  

The green is sample paint from BEHR, and then I used all DecoArt Paints and stencils.

Lots of gold on this door... I love gold paint it sparkles in the light.

Gold Hearts & Crowns

I have a video on how I made her out of polymer clay 

My Gypsy is on the door!!!!  So Love her! 

I am just having fun and putting absolutely NO pressure on myself.  I have never painted on a door in this way before,  and I gotta say this is really fun.  :)

This is the biggest canvas I have every painted on... lol  FUN! 

The beginning of a girl, you know I love to paint girls... 
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I am using DecoArt Paints on her. 

I still have a lot more to do to her.  
Started doing some designs at the top portion of the door... 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mixed Media |Merida (Brave) | Big Eyed Disney Princess Art Crawl |

Hello Friends! 
What fun we had with this great theme for our art crawl... I hope you will come and join us all and be inspired by 15 artists that have joined together for this fantastic adventure... We hope you enjoy and be inspired... 

This is my interpretation of the lovely Merida from the Disney Movie "Brave"... I love her fiery spirit and her lovely flowing red hair... She's an amazing girl and fun to watch... I hope she inspires you to create something lovely today.  Love to you all! XOXO

The Play List for all the artists is in the description of this video on Youtube, so you can see them all...