Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Challenge


I have been creating a house for the Cloth Paper Scissors Art Challenge " Home Sweet Home", and I finally got done today.  We got a pattern to use for the size, and it's not to weigh more the 1/2 lb.  But other than that you could be as creative as you like. 

My inspiration came from my love of Old English Pubs.  So I thought every neighborhood needs a meeting place, and a tavern, with a medieval look to it, seemed like the right kind of house for all to enjoy.

This was a great challenge... Lots of Fun!

"The Rose & Bead" 

Please let me know what you think. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Digital Mixed Media Art

If you are interested in Digital Art Work, here is a book for you!  "Digital Art Wonderland" by Angi Sullin & Silas Toball.  

It is a fantastic workshop to create the most amazing artwork on your computer, if you already have Adobe Photo Shop then your set.  
Where Woman Create (Link on Sidebar)  featured her in their last magazine and I was very impressed so I ordered her book and am even more impressed with this artist.  She has an amazing story that you can read in her featured spot in WWC.  Enjoy!

The Corset

Here is a picture of a corset I am working on for my mannequin.  She will be my traveling inspiration and join me when I am showing, I just hope I can get her done in time...  Let me know what you think...

I have a link attached if you would like to watch a video on the history of corsets.  Nice vintage pictures that I think you will enjoy.  


Friday, June 17, 2011

Art Journal

Front Cover

Back Cover
My art journal that I was inspired to start after going to the CMMAG meeting last week.  I have the front & back covers almost done, but I think more embellishments (charms & jewels) are needed.  Let me know what You think... 

My Studio

Solder Station and I cut glass here.

My sitting work table area

One of my work tables

Here are some pictures of my little studio. It gets very messy sometimes and I just have to stop and take the time to organize and clean up.  When I get going on an idea and the creativity is flowing I just can't stop to straighten up, I have to keep going until I get it done.  But it's great when it's all nice and clean and I can start on a new project.  I wish I had a little fairy who would come and clean up after me at night, wouldn't we all... Yes, and a large studio with expansive views out the very large picture windows, that bring in wonderful light and of course somewhere by the ocean.  Not asking for much am I..

Thursday, June 16, 2011


   I was really inspired to get started on an Art Journal when I went to a Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild meeting the other night.  These ladies are great ,and do amazing artwork.  They love to journal too, and make lovely looking ones.  So I have started one of my own, and I am looking forward to sharing.  

You can look these books up on borders and they let you preview online.  Also, if you have your 40% coupons, and upgrade to the free shipping these books are a lot more affordable. You can use multiple coupons at borders, so if you have borders bucks you can use them too.  

Linda Blinn's Family Journals is one that is great inspiration.
Simple Soldered Jewelry by Lisa Bluhm.   She also has a great shop to buy things for your soldering needs.  If anyone loves to solder this is a great book, and is also a good basic book for those who want to start.

Crazy About Auctions!!

Very Old Trunk

Don't know yet?

This may become a Fairy Cage?
I have been going to these wonderful auctions in Raleigh...  They are just lots of fun, and you can get the most wonderful stuff there.  I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I don't expect everyone to think this stuff is wonderful but there are so many artful transformations I can make to all this stuff...  Here are some things that I just picked up last night.  I will post the link to Raleigh Auction so you can take a look, and maybe I will see you there. 

We also got a 1935 Singer Sewing Machine that I will post after I get it cleaned up.  Raleigh Auction

New Art Work

Here is a piece I have just finished. This is made from Wood, My Graphic Design that I transferred onto the wood, Polymer Clay pieces, Paint & lots of embellishments that I just love to add to my work, as you can see on all my pieces.  Please let me know what you think of this piece.  The stand that it's on is one that I got at an auction.  It's a lovely antique picture stand that I just had to have.  This one is called Look Seek Behold and the capsule in the center holds a bit of a music sheet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Link Below (Travel Like a Gypsy) will take you to a really cool Gypsy Caravan Site.  If you like looking at beautiful things take a look.  I would love to have one for my studio.  
Travel Like a Gypsy

Monday, June 13, 2011

Making a Blog

Wow!  I hope this is going to be an interesting Blog for everyone.  I will be showing my artwork as I go along.  I am working on an Art Journal; it is my first one and it's lots of fun.  Later, I will be adding a recent work that I just finished in the next day or so.  Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Custom Tags

Travel TagButterflies TagSmall Butterfly TagSmall Black/White Butterfly TagSmall Tags Gypsy Soul Tag
Pretty Flower TagDream A Little Dream TagAmore Tag

Custom Tags, a set on Flickr.
Here are just a few of the Tags I have designed. There are lots more where these came from. They are fun to do and you get to try different techniques on a small scale.


gypsy4designsFairyFlower Collage Glass HouseWall Hanging Queen OfWall HangingClay PotsGypsy Box
Travel BoxLove BoxLarge Collage PlanterTiled & Jeweled BoxSmall Tags Inside View Clay Pots
Wall Hanging DreamEmbellished CrownBlue Fairy House ElectricPolymer Clay Heart BoxLovers Box

gypsy4designs, a set on Flickr.
Some Of My Designs


Charms, a set on Flickr.
These are some of my glass charms that I made in the last few months. Lots of fun but lots of work.