Thursday, March 26, 2015

Treasure Box For Sophia

Hi Friends!

Just a little bit of sharing today...

My granddaughter got a doll with a key and we couldn't find a keyhole anywhere that the key fit in, so we made a treasure box with a custom keyhole.  We used a Starbucks box that a lovely cup came in, a gift from my daughter.  First I took one of my doodle pictures and glued it to the top, added some pretty harlequin ribbon, pieces of other ribbons I had in my stash, and Sophia picked out a pretty seahorse, a flower and a heart with some pretty gems.  We used Washi tape around the borders and I used some little silver mounts for the legs.  I have so much stuff left over from when I made my tiled boxes, pictures and what ever, that I always have some cool stuff in my stash.

Well, she loves it and she now has a custom box for her treasures and the pretty gold key fits in the keyhole.  I'm so happy we made this together and now she will have something for ever to remember her vacation here with grandma and papa.

My grandson wants a custom Jar for his collection of seashells...when we get that done I will share.

                                                  Thank you for being here with me...xo


  1. Will you be my Grandma too?! Never mind my age, I just want to make a treasure box with you!!

    1. Thank you Margaret! lol If I would have had the time we could have done a video on how we made it. It was kind of a quick think creative venture. She was so wanting a keyhole that her gold key would fit in. I had that box, and it's so sturdy that I knew it would be perfect. Next time I decide to make one I will do a quick video. It was fun, and I do have two other granddaughters that may each want one too. :) xo