Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I'm finally adding some new  pictures of artwork, and also some starting from the beginning, (maybe not the very beginning) to the almost the end. Some of these mixed media pictures still need to be covered in resin or beeswax. I've got to scan them first just incase I mess them up... you just never know what a crazy artist can do to their work. LOL

I started this picture with a blank canvas and gesso, then I did a water color wash. To my surprise I had found Dylusions Ink at the Joann's here in FL, so I decided to use them.  Wow, they are fantastic to work with and the colors are dynamite (deep rich and amazing).  I did lots and lots of layering with stencils and the Dylusions Ink. Then I placed my girl on the canvas using soft gel.  Well, then I got my new water color pencils by Caran D'Ache and just had to try these out. They are absolutely magnificent if any of you have used these water color crayons there is a difference.  I was really in the mood to doodle so I started doing that and thought how nice my doodles would look with some color added. So why not try my new crayons out. This was crazy fun, the colors!

I don't know if any of you are old enough to remember Carmen Miranda, but my husband and I had been talking about old movies and her name popped up. She was a very talented, colorful (to say the least) Brazilian Star who appeared in many american movies. She sang, danced and acted, but the most impressive thing about this lady to me as a kid, was the way she held the headpiece she wore on her head while she sang and danced.  She was my inspiration for this piece and how it came together. But I may have to do another one of her in her full costume.

The name of this is "Carmen" what else could I call it. LOL

Here's the real "Carmen" she's just lovely.  Check out some of the movies she was in, they were great fun.

Caran D'Ache

Dylusions Ink