Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Get Ready For My Summer Workshops Sale

Hello Friends!  
Here is my get ready for "Summer Workshop Sale" with some fun inexpensive workshops… I love the beautiful weather and what better way to celebrate this.  I'm so excited about creating in the beautiful weather down by the sea here in Florida.  My creativity soars and I love sharing my art with you, so I wanted to make it more affordable for you to join me in my workshops this summer.  Let's spend the summer together… it will be like having private play dates. All of my workshops are forever and downloadable, so you can create at your own pace.  You can watch them on your phone, pad or computer, etc.  

I have lowered all my workshop prices for you… there are 4 full workshops ( Whimsical Animals, The Gypsy Pirate, Summer Time Fun and The Owl & The Gypsy), for just $19.99 and 2 free workshops (Shade Hangers & No Boundaries), plus I have lowered the prices on my "Come Play With Me" year long journaling workshop, and "My Lovely Faces" workshop, and don't forget my "Memory Journaling Workshop" for only $10.00. They are all fun, and full workshops with me. 

I hope you will come and join me this summer for a fun filled creative journey. Take a little journey over to my school Rita Marie Art and check out each workshop there. I have a little intro for each so you can see a bit about what we will be creating together.  Life is too short not to live your artist dream, we all are artists in our souls, we just need to be inspired and I truly believe I can help you find your creative soul… Love to you! xo 

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