Thursday, November 3, 2011

Divine Inspiration

 Here are two of my new Mosaics that I have been working on.  They have a lot of Religious Icons embedded in the tiles.  The focal points in each center is the Virgin Mother and then various other religious icons through out.  One is with a gold frame and the other silver. 

I got them ready just in time for our First Friday Event downtown Raleigh, with the help from my friend, Jennifer, who so graciously offered her supply of Diamond Glaze to me.  I ran out just as I was to finish the grout beads in one small section.  She saved the day!

Jennifer will be bringing her lovely Photo Jewelry to my store on First Friday!  She makes the most lovely pieces, and I will update with her pictures after our event.

I hope you enjoy them, and they are now hanging in my store.

Divine Inspiration... 

Sacred Heart
Heavenly Mother


  1. Lovely, Rita!
    Wishing you all the best at your event :)

  2. Great to have friends with art supplies, isn't it?! Your mosaics are beautiful, Rita.

  3. Yes, she is a doll, and I love having her as a friend, even if she didn't have extra art supplies. But that is a plus...

    I am so glad you like the mosaics, thank you Michelle.