Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bonus Set

Well, my friends I found these sketches in one of my journals and thought I would share.  These are just quick little sweet faces I had made to use in my journals a while back.  They worked out great for me, and I am sure they will for you too.  Over the years of practicing faces I have made quite a few.  

These three are very easy to use and place in your artwork. You just have the faces on these and you can add so much around them and make them into what every you like. Draw their little bodies or collage their bodies to the page. 
 If you watched my video tutorial I made last year where I made Fairies, I used some of my sketches for the faces on the three fairies.  I always like to have some little faces handy when I start thinking of a project. They are fun to carry along with you when you are traveling too.

If you would like to purchase these 3 lovelies please go on over to my Etsy Shop and take a look.  

I hope you enjoy! Thank you! xo

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