Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Friends!
I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all, be safe and have lots of fun.  
My Husband and I have been blessed with the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day family fun for so many years.   We enjoyed the laughter, the food, and have been lucky enough to have loving family and friends around us year after year.  For that I am so grateful. 
The picture below is of my husband and I standing in our beautiful back yard in Cave Creek, AZ on a magnificent Thanksgiving Day!  November in AZ is beautiful, and I always loved celebrating the holidays there. Though the weather may not be freezing and we didn't see much snow, the crisp dry cooler air and the breathtaking mountains covered in the lovely Saguaro Cactus, was the most magnificent setting to me for the holidays. We always started decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving as did most of our neighbors.  With hot apple cider brewing and jingle bells playing we untangled the lights and checked to see if any of them still worked (sometimes we were lucky).  We laughed about how the lights always seemed to be tangled no matter how we packed them, and we were going to try and pack them better for the next year.  Hanging the wreath on the front door was the icing on the cake.   By the weekend most homes were sparkling with twinkles of lights, and decorated cactus in their front yards ( very tricky to do) but a beautiful sight.  
In the next few weeks the hunt for the perfect tree would begin.  We would anticipate the tree we would find and decorate.  By then the weather would be even cooler especially the evenings, so the wonderful smell of fires burning was all around us while we went out on our adventure to look for the very special tree. 
When it was time for the big celebration we had no worries of driving in a blizzard to visit family and friends, there was always lots of wonderful food with plenty of Holiday Cheer for all.  Memories of hanging chili pepper lights, (my favorite) in our kitchen... Every holiday meal had chips and salsa for an appetizer, because you can't live and breath in AZ without them.  
My most precious of memories will always be of me with my family and friends celebrating the Holidays in AZ,  my true home and where my heart will always be.  Love to you all! XO 

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