Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I did this with Shiva Oil Sticks...I haven't worked with oil in over 25 years.  I bought the oil sticks years ago for something I was going to do, but you know, I can't remember now what it was.  Well, anyway, I found them and decided to use them.  It was fun to try something different and they were easy to blend.  I do have the blending stick and I wouldn't use them without it, so if you decide to ever use them, remember to buy the blending stick or they are very hard to blend.  This was certainly a very mixed media piece... 


What I used for this piece and how I did it.

I sketched her in pencil on water color paper then sprayed her with a workable fixative.  
I then cut up old music sheet paper for hear headdress (cut in feather shapes) and on the wings I used napkins. I just ripped a napkin up in small pieces, layered the papers and the napkins down with Decoupage.  
I then used Golden Fluids Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold and Iridescent Gold Deep to color the wings mixed with an acrylic glazing fluid.
The headdress I used Golden Fluids Teal, Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold, Hansa Yellow Medium, white Uni Ball 153 gel pen, black Uni Posca Marker,  and cut scrap book paper for the small feathers and flowers. The circles I used a piece of card stock and did a color wash with the same colors I used on the feathers. Then I let the paper dry and cut out circles with my little 1" circle punch, stamped them with a writing stamp and Black StazOn Ink Pad...I then rubbed around the edges with the black StazOn. I wanted to make sure the headdress had some dimension to it, I find if you highlight your paper pieces it pulls them forward.

Her face is done with the Shiva Oil Sticks, Titanium White, Burnt Siena, Yellow Ockre, Fuchsia, and Colorless Blending Stick.  
Eyes...  Shiva Oil Sticks,Viridian Green, Yellow Citron,  Burnt Siena, and black & white 
Uni Ball #153 gel pens.
Hair... Shiva Oil Sticks, Burnt Siena, Raw Umber, Yellow Citron, Yellow Ockre, Colorless Blending Stick, and Titanium White...
Lips... Shiva Oil Sticks, Fuchsia, Burnt Siena, Titanium White, and Colorless Blending Stick.
Dress... Scrapbook paper for her dress, glued down with Decoupage, then I used acrylic glaze mixed with Golden Fluid Iridescent Gold Deep over the paper, and stamped with stamp block and StazOn Ink.
The background was color washed with Golden Fluid Cerulean Blue Chromium and Golden Fluid Iridescent Gold Deep, then I stamp with a block stamper and StazOn Black Ink pad.  I also used some rub-ons I had left over from another project.  Any little doodles and dots and such are done with my Uni Ball #153 Gel Pens...I love them and they seem to go write over all surfaces.  I also used miscellaneous brushes...with the oil sticks you want to use a little bit of a stiff brush.  If you have oil paint brushes on hand that would be helpful.
 I hope this information helps to inspire you.
Thank you! xo

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