Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second Friday in Carrboro!

We had lots of fun, and pleasantly surprised that the band, The Butcher & The Tin Man Live, were fantastic!  I just had to post a video of them playing, and also some pics of some of the other folks at the event.  We were mainly at The Remix Art Shop, where some of my work is, but the little town was hoppin.  What Fun!  Try and get up there next month, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself.  Tons of restaurants to eat at too.   Enjoy!

Who's... The Butcher? Who's... The Tin Man?  We never did find out. 

 Listen to the band, here is a youtube link below.

Some pictures from the event at Jeanmarie's.
The Butcher and The Tin Man

Bellina modeling a handmade hat...

Jeanmarie's Shop 

Barbie got a new outfit made of... Tape?

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